I came up with the name Clock In Not Out (CINO) one day after being angry at my old job for denying me certain days off that prevented me from fulfilling my passions and pursuing my dreams. So, I had to put those things on hold while I worked for someone else fulltime and often overtime.

I always worked hard for the company, yet they were never there when I needed them. Seeing how I was treated was more than enough motivation I needed to fuel the Leo in me and walk away from the job. That was the last time I clocked in to someone else’s dream and out of my own. And I haven’t looked back since.

Cino is a motivational lifestyle brand for everyone wanting to achieve success in life. Whatever your passion or dream is, you will have to prove it to yourself. ‘How bad do you really want it?’

As a former athlete, I always used to pump myself up with motivational quotes such as “Put me in the game coach” or “Time to clock in”, etc. And instead of applying these quotes in a game, I applied these things in real life. That’s why it’s important for Clock In Not Out to showcase athletes and artists from all walks of life, while also showcasing the truths in their stories. Whatever you want in life, you will have to protect it, practice it, breathe it, and prove it to yourself 24/7/365.

Only you can truly know when you’ve met success or not, because you must look yourself in the mirror. Clock In Not Out will motivate and challenge you to live in your truth and not cheat yourself; in whatever you do, do it 110%.

This is more than a brand, it’s a movement. Join the community!

“ Don’t Tell Me Show Me”

“Put me in the Game coach”

“Everything you say you gotta breathe”

“It’s easy to quit something, don’t be easy”

“There’s a million thems only one of you”

“Clock In Not Out”


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- Media Coverage

- Motivate youth

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